Precision Indexable is proud to introduce our International Standard Cartridge Program.

We Have 200 Cartridges in our Catalog. We have 20° Cartridges in stock, right & left hand, and plenty of specials!

We are committed to the availability of ANSI standard shelf mount cartridges. We stock right and left hand cartridges in positive and negative geometries with the broadest selection of lead angles. We offer both metric and inch hardware selections and are glad to make specials that hold the insert of your choice.

CCMT Inserts

We have an exciting addition to our standard cartridge line. Everyone knows that CCMT inserts are a very popular choice in all types of boring applications. Precision Indexable offers a family of chamfer cartridges that make use of the leftover corners of used CCMT inserts. This allows you to lower your cost per part by taking advantage cutting edges that often go to waste.

We offer attractively priced semi-special cartridges based on our standard cartridge blanks in all sizes from -08 through -25. If there is an insert that we can fit into one our blanks, we can make a cartridge to hold it, in whatever configuration you might need.

We can make ANY cartridge that you might need. Maybe a special design with two insert pockets to cut an extra feature in close quarters. Or it could be Precision Indexable reverse engineers a cartridge that is no longer available that allows you to keep a vital older asset in operation. What ever you might need, contact us.