Wedge Bore by Precision Indexable

Precision Indexable’s Innovative Multi-Tooth Boring System

  • Proven, cost-effective alternative to “high performance” reamers
  • Compact yet robust design capable of adjustments in microns for superior precision
  • Utilizes multiple indexable carbide inserts to boost productivity

Wedge Bore creates value by eliminating the need for tools in the crib, in transit, and at a service center waiting to be re-tipped or re-ground. The cutting edges and components can be changed and reset on site with hand tools and a tool setter. If the inserts or cartridges are damaged they can be replaced in your shop. The overall quantity of tools needed to supply your production line is minimized.


  1. Tightening screw (#2) moves wedge (#1) against inclined plane of cartridge (#3).
  2. Tighten screw (#4) after adjustment of size is achieved.

Note: Loosen screws (#2 and #4) to reset, then repeat steps above to set for a smaller size.


Wedge Bore offers the best value in the industry for bores with tolerances of plus or minus 50 microns.

MTB-201 (.250 Ø IC)

Diameter Range # of Inserts
1.500 – 1.596 3
1.596 – 1.932 4
1.932 – 2.268 5
2.268 – 2.748 6
2.748 – 2.988 7
2.988 – 3.468 8
3.468 – 3.708 9
3.708 – 3.996 10

MTB-301 (.375 Ø IC)

Diameter Range # of Inserts
1.750 – 1.800 2
1.800 – 2.150 3
2.150 – 2.600 4
2.600 – 3.000 5
3.000 – 3.500 6
3.500 – 4.000 7

More diameters available

Wedge Bore Mechanics (Speeds/Feeds-Example)

Bore Size2.162” (54;91mm)

Surface Speed 700 SFPM (213 SMPM)
RPM 1148
Feed per Tooth .005” (0;13mm)
Feed per Minute 31.50” (801;6mm)


Wedge TurnTM has the same hardware and patented design as our Wedge Bore® System. These are the most compact micro-adjustable turning tools on the market! Designs can allow multiple features to be machined with one tool…Let your imagination be the guide!


Wedge Groove uses the same patented adjustment system as the Wedge Bore. It allows multiple grooving cutters to be precisely set to eliminate time consuming cutter grinding.


Precision Indexable is no stranger to adapting to unique situations when it comes to custom tooling.  Often customers require very precise tools which require innovation.  Below are a few examples of custom Wedge Bore products where problem-solving and innovation got the job done.

Not Enough Space

In this case Wedge Bore needed to be used in a special application.  There are two diameters that are both +/-.002” tolerance. There is not enough space to put 2 Wedge Bore cartridges, so we had to innovate.  We made a special eccentric shank system that allows the lead insert to be set for size by rotating the main body where it is attached to the shank. Once the lead insert is set for size, the Wedge Bore cartridge is adjusted to bring in the larger diameter. The chamfers can be adjusted by using their independent axial adjusters.


In this instance a custom tool was needed that contained the benefits of both Wedge Bore and Wedge Turn tools. This tool combined the concepts in a way that was perfect for the customer. There are two cutting inserts set to cut the +/-.002” tolerance bore and two cutting inserts set to cut the +/-.002” tolerance diameter feature in the center of the part.

Custom Rotation

One of our customers needed a custom tool to work with a rotary transfer machine utilizing our Wedge Turn product.  With a little innovation and clever design work, we were able to provide the perfect tool for the job.  The Wedge Turn shown, finishes two diameters that each have a +/-.002” tolerance OD turn.

The Tool that Does it All

This tool is quite interesting. We were asked to help save time making a high production wheel hub. We were able to include seven different functions into one tool. The main body is a Wedge Turn. It creates a OD turn with a .005” total tolerance zone. It has additional pockets that cut an OD chamfer and a face. Mounted in a precision bore in the main body is a fixed pocket boring bar. The boring bar roughs two diameters. It also cuts a chamfer on the 2 bores.